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The recycling centre at Hillview Retail Park Belfast is a member of Furniture Reuse Network (FRN) and was awarded the Most Excellent Approved Reuse Centre in the UK in March 2014. There are only two organisations in Northern Ireland who were awarded this status. Within the Approved Reuse Centre (ARC) there are several projects running.  
In April 2016 we had a full inspection and are pleased to report we continue to hold our business excellence certificate. 


This project involves the repair and refurbishment of bicycles. EBM were made aware that there were many good quality second hand bicycles being left at recycling sites and after successfully applying for funding through Rethink Waste, recycle was set up in 2011. 
Bicycles are donated by the public and collected from councils. They undergo vital safety checks – 30+ checks are carried out on each bike – and then they are fixed and sent to the restore shops to be sold at very competitive prices.  
So, if you have an old bike you can donate, please call your nearest restore shop to arrange collection or just leave them in with us! If your bikes are in poor condition they are still acceptable as they can be stripped down for spare parts so clear out the garage, the shed or wherever those old bikes are hiding – recycle your bicycle!! 


The refurb project commenced in 2010 when there was a realisation that many furniture donations being offered by the public were refused due to the fact that they did not meet safety regulations. Stock in the shops was also scarce and as a social economy business the team were keen to meet environmental objectives by diverting goods from landfill.  
Vital funding received through the Rethink Waste project allowed the setup of the workshop. The SE team then obtained several council contracts permitting EBM to collect from local recycling centres. Wardrobes, occasional furniture, tables and other items are now collected on a regular basis from the council sites.  
The workshop will repair and refurbish wood items before selling on through the restore shops. Most shops now sell a range of refurbished items at fabulous affordable, prices.  
If you wish to donate, please call your local restore for more information first as we are not bound to accept all donations due to over saturation of certain items and the inability to recycle certain materials. 
Good News! 
Most of our Restore shops sell a full range of quality second hand bikes. We stock bikes for adults and children at very competitive prices and in some shops you can purchase spare parts for your bike.  
If you have spare time and would like to volunteer at recycle we would love to hear from you today. You can even “Earn a bike” in our scheme that allows you to keep a bike for yourself if you volunteer 40+ hours in the project. Call 028 9074 2219 today for more information or use the contact us box and submit your details and enquiry and we will contact you. 


The rekindle project came about after refurb had been in operation and an abundance of redundant wood became available. Much of the wood internal to suites, beds, tables and chairs is untreated and is therefore suitable for kindling. In order to meet environmental goals, it is essential to divert goods from landfill and by making this wood into kindling and selling it in bags through the restore shops, EBM is closer to achieving its goals. With increasing energy costs the demand for solid fuel is increasing, particularly in less well–off areas. This is because the fuel can be purchased in smaller amounts than heating oil, and many people can no longer afford to invest in the bulk requirements of an oil tank, which in recent times could be over £500 pounds per fill. 


Repaint is a member of the UK–wide paint reuse network Community Repaint that takes a definitive ‘broad brush approach’ to the issue to prevent reusable, leftover paint from going to waste while assisting those in need – all in one go. The Community Repaint scheme was launched in Northern Ireland on the 14th January 2013 and donations of paint can be made at participating recycling centres. So far, nine forward–looking local councils have joined forces with East Belfast Mission’s Social Economy department. Donations of paint directly from the public are welcomed and we can collect too so we are encouraging you to clear out the garage, the shed and anywhere else you may have half used tins of paint – we can put them to good use, help the less advantaged to buy affordable paint and together we can help save the environment! 
East Belfast Mission uses the paint in the refurb project and also sells directly to the public through the restore charity shops in Belfast, Newtownards, Larne and Antrim. All income generated goes back into the social and community projects at East Belfast Mission. The tins are sold in 1 litre up to 10 litre tins and cost £1 per litre which is a huge saving to the public who may otherwise not be able to afford to decorate given the price of paint today. In 2012, 332 million litres of paint (retail and trade) were sold in the UK. Of this, it is estimated that approximately 50 million litres were unused, stored in homes or garages or just thrown away. Those behind the scheme say that’s enough paint to fill 20 Olympic–sized swimming pools! 
In 2013: 
Community RePaint network collected 410,148 litres of paint and redistributed 245,463 litres 
2,083 litres went to charities and community groups and 18,791 to individuals and famiilies in need 
In 2011: 
Community Repaint saved 343,597 litres of paint, donated by householders and businesses, going to waste, with a market value of over £1.5 million 
217,000 litres of paint was redistributed to community groups, charities, voluntary organisations and people in social need 
N.B. The project can accept most unwanted paint products, although any paint containers marked with an orange hazardous symbol cannot be accepted. 
East Belfast Mission 
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