An artists impression of the courtyard area of the new building. 


new building

The main building


vetrtical garden

A view of the vertical garden/green wall


Bright Sparks

A room within Bright Sparks child care nursery


The Church/auditorium space


Project details

Funding for the Skainos Project comes from a variety of sources 

SEUPB Peace III Programme

Department for Social Development NI

International Fund for Ireland

East Belfast Mission

The DSD is committing an additional £4.2m through Oaklee Housing Association for social housing on the site.

The Name:

Skainos (skã’ nõs) (Noun, Greek Origin)

1. Tent; 2. Presence, dwelling; 3. frailty, weakness, as of the human body.


Skainos logo

The Skainos Project is a flagship redevelopment scheme on a brownfield site in the Ballymacarrett area of East Belfast.  Now completed, the Skainos Project is inclusive of the whole community, where people can gather, eat meals together, worship, and find help for health, employment, education, childcare, housing, and spiritual concerns.

Derived from a biblical Greek word and rooted firmly in Christian tradition and history, the name Skainos speaks of the importance of practical engagement with a community by figuratively pitching a tent in its midst, and it hints at the notion of hospitality and the extended family.  An alternative meaning for the word is as a description of the frailty of human beings. It stands therefore as a useful counterbalance to the temptation to focus solely on new building to the detriment of serving people.

The Skainos Project is about the future. It’s about meeting the present and prospective needs of this community.  It’s about building a partnership of public agencies, private bodies, community groups and church and harnessing that partnership for the benefit of East Belfast. It’s about integrating care and developmental support for children, families, young people, people who are homeless or unemployed, and the elderly. And it’s about providing shared space for people from all backgrounds and communities in East Belfast.



The Skainos Project is an urban regeneration project in inner East Belfast providing shared space for community transformation and renewal.

Central to the development is a new street in inner East Belfast, untouched by the history of the Troubles, with the capacity to be genuinely shared space. This civic square is capable of hosting open air events like concerts, farmer’s markets and christmas fairs, and is overlooked by new, mixed tenure housing, thereby giving the square a living presence round the clock.

The Newtownards Road frontage of the development features new retail and commercial office space. Inside, and fronting to the square is the work of East Belfast Mission including youth and family services and counselling as well as a community hall and auditorium, and a cafe which spills onto the square.

The auditorium serves as the worship space for the Methodist Congregation at East Belfast Mission.

East Belfast Mission and Oaklee Housing Association develops a replacement Hosford House which caters for 26 people who find themselves homeless. Elsewhere on the Age NI and Belfast Metropolitan College site, they provide new services in care for older people and education.

EBM’s social economy programme operates a day nursery in the new development.


Skainos Square offers


Skainos Square offers a wide range of hi–tech, low cost room hire and conference facilities in an award winning building in an easily accessible part of Belfast for voluntary and community organisations and others.  Skainos Square is the ideal venue for conferences, functions, meetings and training courses.  Our rooms are fully–equipped and set within a contemporary modern energy efficient environment with ample on–street parking.  They are suitable for interviews, meetings, functions and conferences as well as sporting/arts/cultural events. Every event is treated individually and professionally regardless of scale with space arranged to suit your exact requirements.


  • Competitive rates
  • Convenient location
  • Superb transport links
  • Personalised service
  • On–site catering: fresh and affordable
  • Flexible spaces
  • Wi–Fi and audio–visual facilities
  • Natural daylight
  • Disability access to all areas
  • Single and multi session, day and evening rates available
  • On–street parking

We would like to invite you to visit our centre to experience for yourself the range of features which make Skainos Square superior to most competitive new office building and conference centres in Belfast. The spaces have been adapted with top range, hi–tech modern technology to suit all requirements.

Skainos Ltd is a social economy operation and a registered charity and all surpluses generated through the room hire and conference facilities will be distributed to projects in inner East Belfast which are seeking to extend shared space in this contested part of Belfast.


We offer tiered pricing which depends on the nature of your organisation and event and your location.

  1. If you are a private individual, a voluntary or community organisation based in or working in East Belfast, you can download a schedule of rooms and prices here.
  2. If you are a voluntary or community organisation NOT  based in East Belfast, you can download a schedule of rooms and prices here.
  3. If you are a NOT a voluntary or community organisation NOR based in or working in East Belfast, you can download a schedule of rooms and prices here.

If you require catering, download a full menu and costs here.


Skainos Green Ambassador Award

Skainos won Green World Ambassador insignia at a prestigious presentation ceremony in The House of Commons on Monday 11th November 2013.  The Skainos building had already won a Green Apple Environment Award in the national campaign to find Britain’s greenest companies, councils and communities, and the Green World Ambassador status is reserved for winners who also help others to help the environment.

The award–winning project paper has been published worldwide in The Green Book, so that others around the world can follow their example and learn from their experience.  The Green Book is the leading international work of reference on environmental best practice that is distributed globally to national and local governments, businesses, universities, reference libraries, environment professionals, etc.  The Green Apple Awards began in 1994 and have become established as the country’s major recognition for environmental endeavour among companies, councils, communities and countries.  




East Belfast Mission is a Company Limited by Guarantee NI069097 and a Charity registered with the Inland Revenue XN68566

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