Our Mission - is community transformation and renewal in East Belfast.

Our Vision- is to offer hope and a future to all those in need in the inner city, regardless of background or belief - we believe that everybody matters.

EBM's vision of the future for East Belfast is that it will become a welcoming, vibrant and peaceful community in which everyone has a sense of belonging and can fulfil their potential.

About East Belfast Mission

East Belfast Mission has a long track record of social engagement in the area. We may have grown somewhat since the church soup kitchen in the 1800’s but our mission is still the same: to transform and renew East Belfast.

We have operated as a Registered Charitable Organisation since 1985 offering a wide range of community services including:

– Employability Service ‘Stepping Stone project’

Homelessness Service ‘Hosford House

‘restore’ charity shops 

‘refresh’ café and Meals on Wheels service 

– Community work

Youth work

– and at the heart, a worshipping Congregation

We currently employ almost 100 staff and are supported by over 100 volunteers.

We seek to show the love of God in action.

About Ballymacarrett

We are based on the Newtownards Road in Ballymacarret, an area of social and economic deprivation with high levels of unemployment, ill–health and Paramilitary influences. Rated as the 5th most deprived ward of the 566 wards in Northern Ireland, the area has a particularly high incidence of unemployment with many individuals excluded from the labour market through unemployment, disability or ill health.

But this area – like each one of us, regardless of history, has a future and a hope.

You can get a glimpse of our exciting vision of the future on our Skainos page or at www.skainos.org


East Belfast Mission is a Company Limited by Guarantee NI069097 and a Charity registered with the Inland Revenue XN68566

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